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Cleveland Clinic Foundation / General Practice Residency (12 months)

  1. Program Contact Information ↑ 

      Program Contact:

        Program Director  Anne Clemons, DMD 

        Cleveland Clinic Foundation 

        9500 Euclid Avenue 

        Dept. of Dentistry/A-71 

        Cleveland, Ohio  44195 

        Phone (Work): 216-444-4802 


        State Program located in: Ohio 

        Associate Program Director  Betty Haberkamp 

        Cleveland Clinic Foundation 

        9500 Euclid Ave 

        Dept of Dentistry/A-71 

        Cleveland, Ohio  44195 

        Phone (Work): 216-444-4388 


        State Program located in: Ohio 


      Program Deadline ↑ 

      ADEA PASS Application and Transcript Deadline: September 15

      Program Information ↑ 

        What date will your program start on? 07/01

        Length of Program:  12 months

        Program Number: GPR642

        Is your program located in an academic institution or clinical institution? Hospital

        Does your program offer any graduate degrees or certificates? Yes

          If Yes, please list Graduate degrees or certificates offered: Certificate of Completion

        Does your program participate in MATCH? No

        Estimated number of available positions for current application cycle: 3

        Does your program accept predoctoral students as externs (typically described as 1-2 weeks of voluntary, full-time, primarily observational experiences without formal educational objectives or affiliation)?:  No

      Program Description ↑ 

      Cleveland Clinic General Practice Residency

      Thank you for your interest in the General Practice Residency at the Cleveland Clinic. Resident education is an integral component of the mission of Cleveland Clinic and the Section of Dentistry. The GPR is a one year experience in hospital dentistry during which residents treat a diverse patient population with wide ranging dental and medical needs.

      We have developed a well-rounded program that provides varied clinical experiences to hone and expand the skills and knowledge learned during dental school. The clinical program is supported by a robust academic curriculum.

      Educational Objectives

      1. Train the resident to act as a primary care provider for individuals and groups of patients. This includes providing emergency and multidisciplinary comprehensive oral health care, providing patient focused care that is coordinated by the general practitioner, directing health promotion and disease prevention activities, and using advanced dental treatment modalities. 
      2. Plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a wide variety of patients including patients with special needs.
      3. Offer experiences to allow the resident to advance his or her clinical skill levels in the areas of patient assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning, dental and medical emergencies, pain control, operative dentistry, periodontal therapy, exodontia, and fixed and removable prosthodontics.
      4. Function effectively within the interdisciplinary health care teams in the hospital environment.
      5. Apply scientific principles to learning and oral health care, including the use of critical thinking, evidence or outcomes-based clinical decision-making and technology-based information retrieval systems.
      6. Utilize the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient centered care, adaptability, and acceptance of cultural diversity in professional practice.
      7. Understand the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service.


      The program curriculum is designed to train residents to provide comprehensive dental care with a multidisciplinary approach. Rotations outside of dentistry make up approximately six weeks of the year:

      • Anesthesia (three weeks)
      • Emergency Medicine (two weeks)
      • Pre-operative history and physical (one week)

      The remainder of the year is spent in the dental clinic treating patients including well patients for general dental care, medically complex hospital inpatients and outpatients (i.e. cardiac, head and neck cancer, organ transplant), and special needs patients in the operating room. Throughout the year, residents work closely with general dentists and specialists. In addition, time during the year is specifically dedicated to rotations and observations in:

      • Oral surgery
      • Periodontics
      • Endodontics
      • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
      • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
      • Sleep Dentistry

      The didactic portion of the program includes lectures, journal clubs, literature reviews, and case presentations. Each resident develops and to presents a table clinic to the Section of Dentistry and local Grand Rounds in the spring.


      Residents provide on-call service to the hospital during night and weekend hours on a rotating basis which is determined by the residents at the beginning of each year. Call can be taken from home provided the resident can reach the hospital within 30 minutes.

      Training at Cleveland Clinic

      For more information about training at the Cleveland Clinic, please visit Graduate Medical Education at

      Main Campus Tour

      Please use the link below for a tour of our Main Campus:

      Program Requirements Part I ↑ 

        Program Specific Requirements

        ADA ADAT Scores are Required: No

        ADA ADAT Scores are Accepted but Not Required: Yes

        Must upload unofficial undergraduate transcripts to the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit Dental School transcripts to the program (in addition to ADEA PASS): No

        Must report GRE scores in the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit original GRE scores to the program: No

        Must upload a CV/Resume to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit a photocopy or a notarized copy of your dental school diploma to the program: Yes

        Must submit Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score: No

        Must submit official NBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit official INBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit a National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Comprehensive Basic Science Examination (CBSE) score. (OMS only): No

        Must submit a 2" x 2" photo to the program: No

        Must contact program for additional requirements: No

        Must visit program website for additional requirements: No

        Additional Information: 

        ADAT is strongly encouraged, particularly for applicants from PASS/FAIL schools.

        Program Supplemental Requirements

        Must submit supplemental application to the program: No

        Must submit supplemental application processing fee to the program: No

        Domestic Applicants:  $ 0

        International Applicants: 0.00

        Other (Please explain)  $

        Additional Information:  $

        Additional Information

        Selection of the future GPR residents is performed by the Selection Committee which consists of current faculty and residents.  We do NOT participate in The Postdoctoral Matching Program (the Match).

        Institutional criteria for selection include preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, written and verbal communication skills, as well as motivation and integrity. Selection criteria must be consistent with all applicants and there must not be any discrimination in the selection process with regard to color, race, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, status as a disabled or Vietnam era veteran, or any other characteristic protected by law.

        In addition to adhering to the institutional policy, the dental section of the Head and Neck Institute includes the following policy regarding the criteria and procedure for selection of eligible candidates.  This process includes review of eligible candidates by a program selection committee, individual interviews and interview evaluations.  Criteria used in the selection process includes:

        • review of the eligibility requirements
        • performance on standardized dental board examinations
        • overall academic performance in dental school
        • recent clinical training or experience
        • motivation to pursue a career in dentistry
        • verbal and written communication skills
        • record of scholarly activity
        • letters of recommendation from faculty
        • dean’s letter
        • dental school transcripts
        • anticipated graduation from a CODA accredited dental school conferring a DDS or DMD degree


        This institution will perform random drug screening and applicant must pass a cotinine (nicotine free) test before matriculation.

        Interview schedule for the current application cycle: 

        Tentative interview date October 17th, 2022 (subject to change)

      Program Requirements Part II ↑ 

        General Requirements

        Must have passed Part 1, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have passed Part 2, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent: Yes

        Must have completed a one-year residency program: No

        Additional Information: 

        Applicant will be required to complete the DDS/DMS degree prior to matriculation.


        Must be a U.S. Citizen: No

        Can be a permanent resident?: Yes

        Permanent residents must show proof of residency: Yes

        Will accept Canadian citizens: Yes

        Must have a limited permit: Yes

        Must have a U.S. dental license: No

        Must be eligible for state dental license: No

        Must have a valid state dental license: No

        Must be a graduate of: 

        Applicants without U.S. Dental Degrees: Will Not be Considered

        Eligible Citizenship Types: 
        US citizen, US permanent resident
        US/ Canadian citizen, US/ Canadian permanent resident

        Other - Contact the program

        Additional Information: 

        Must be a graduate of a CODA accredited US or Canadian school conferring DMD or DDS degree


        Please visit the following website for information for international applicants:

        Additional Requirements for International Applicants

        Will accept foreign citizens (not including Canada): Yes

        Must be proficient in the English language: Yes

        Must report TOEFL score on ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit original TOEFL score report to program: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts evaluated: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts submitted to the program: Yes

        May be considered if graduated from non-ADA accredited dental school: No

        Additional Information: