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University of Washington / General Practice Residency (12 months)

Due to on-going pandemic program interviews will be conducted virtually. There may be an in-person site visit added (TBA). Please check the program website for on-going updates and information.  

  1. Program Contact Information ↑ 

      Program Contact:

        Dr.  Ryan O'Connor 

        GPR Program Director 

        Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 

        1959 NE Pacific Street; B 241 

        BOX 357134 

        Seattle, Washington  98195-7134 

        Phone (Work): 206-543-7496 


        State Program located in: Washington 


      Program Deadline ↑ 

      ADEA PASS Application and Transcript Deadline: October 1

      Program Information ↑ 

        What date will your program start on? 07/01

        Length of Program:  12 Months months

        Program Number: GPR686

        Is your program located in an academic institution or clinical institution? Hospital

        Does your program offer any graduate degrees or certificates? Yes

          If Yes, please list Graduate degrees or certificates offered: A Certificate of Completion is Awarded

        Does your program participate in MATCH? Yes

        Estimated number of available positions for current application cycle: 8

        Does your program accept predoctoral students as externs (typically described as 1-2 weeks of voluntary, full-time, primarily observational experiences without formal educational objectives or affiliation)?:  Yes

        If available, please provide the web address for additional information:  Please note: Due ongoing pandemic, the University Of Washington is not permitting any visitors on-site; Please check the program website for updates regarding status of on-site visitors.

      Program Description ↑ 

      U. of Washington GPR program is an accredited 12-month (PGY1) program with an optional 2nd year (PGY2). The GPR PGY1 has a specific hospital and clinic rotation experience with accompanying didactic curriculum.  The optional PGY2 year allows clinical rotations and work experience to be custom designed to focus on a trainee’s specific area of interest within the scope of Advanced General Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry.

      The UW GPR Program fills 8 (PGY1)positions per year via National Dental Match Program (MATCH).  There is one PGY2 position available per year.  The PGY2 position is open to applicants who complete their PGY1 year at UW, or an outside institution.  The optional 2nd year position has two curriculum options:  1). Specialized focus in advanced general dentisty, or 2). Twelve- month clinical traning in Special Care Dentistry through the UW School of Dentistry’s DECOD Program.  We encourage qualified and interested candidates of the PGY2 year, to apply directly to the program (see program website).

      Applicants applying for AY23 PGY1 positions who are also interested in continuing to the optional PGY2 should contact the program directly after submitting your application through PASS.   

      The program Website lists a complete description of the residency program; we encourage all applicants to review the information on the program website and then contact the program directly if you have any additional questions.  

      Program Requirements Part I ↑ 

        Program Specific Requirements

        ADA ADAT Scores are Required: No

        ADA ADAT Scores are Accepted but Not Required: No

        Must upload unofficial undergraduate transcripts to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit Dental School transcripts to the program (in addition to ADEA PASS): No

        Must report GRE scores in the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit original GRE scores to the program: No

        Must upload a CV/Resume to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit a photocopy or a notarized copy of your dental school diploma to the program: No

        Must submit Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score: No

        Must submit official NBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit official INBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit a National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Comprehensive Basic Science Examination (CBSE) score. (OMS only): No

        Must submit a 2" x 2" photo to the program: Yes

        Must contact program for additional requirements: No

        Must visit program website for additional requirements: Yes

        Additional Information: 

        INDBE or NBDE:  Must submit one or the other, as applicatbel to you.

        UNDERGRADUATE Transcripts:  Uploaded Copy of offical transicript is OK.  Please do not upload copy of print-out from Student Portal (student web-version).   

        If you are not able to upload a digital photo (head shot) in your application, please send directly to the program via email, attn: Susan Lael   Please use "GPR Program Application 2023" as your subject line when sending, to ensure receipt.  

        Program Supplemental Requirements

        Must submit supplemental application to the program: No

        Must submit supplemental application processing fee to the program: No

        Domestic Applicants:  $

        International Applicants: 

        Other (Please explain)  $

        Additional Information:  $

        Interview schedule for the current application cycle: 

      Program Requirements Part II ↑ 

        General Requirements

        Must have passed Part 1, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have passed Part 2, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent: Yes

        Must have completed a one-year residency program: No

        Additional Information: 

        NBDE Part 2, or INDBE (Pass) Score report, and DDS/ DMD degree requirements must be met at time of Admission/Residency Start date  (all other requirmenets are due at time of application). 


        Must be a U.S. Citizen: Yes

        Can be a permanent resident?: Yes

        Permanent residents must show proof of residency: Yes

        Will accept Canadian citizens: Yes

        Must have a limited permit: Yes

        Must have a U.S. dental license: No

        Must be eligible for state dental license: Yes

        Must have a valid state dental license: No

        Must be a graduate of: 

        Applicants without U.S. Dental Degrees: 

        Eligible Citizenship Types: 
        US citizen, US permanent resident

        Other - Contact the program

        Additional Information: 

        Citizenship:  Must be a US Citizen, US Permanent Resident, or Canadian Citizen.  Canadial Permanent Residents are not eligible

        Successful Candidates of the UW GPR Program must be eligible to hold a Washington State Dentist Resident (Limited) License, at minimum.  Please visit the Washington State Department of Health Provider application website for further information on Dental Resident Limited License Application and requirments. 

        Additional Requirements for International Applicants

        Will accept foreign citizens (not including Canada): Not Applicable

        Must be proficient in the English language: Yes

        Must report TOEFL score on ADEA PASS application: Not Applicable

        Must submit original TOEFL score report to program: Not Applicable

        Must have foreign transcripts evaluated: Not Applicable

        Must have foreign transcripts submitted to the program: Not Applicable

        May be considered if graduated from non-ADA accredited dental school: No

        Additional Information: