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Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine / General Practice Residency (12 months)

The second year residency offers several academic tracts including endodontics, and advanced prosthodontics for the general practitioner,  

  1. Program Contact Information ↑ 

      Program Contact:

        Dr.  Nadine Newsome 

        Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

        Montefiore Medical Center 

        Department of Dentistry 

        3444 Kossuth Avenue 

        Bronx, New York  10467 

        Phone (Work): 718-920-2418 


        State Program located in: New York 


      Program Deadline ↑ 

      ADEA PASS Application and Transcript Deadline: November 1

      Program Information ↑ 

        What date will your program start on? 

        Length of Program:  12 months

        Program Number: GPR608

        Is your program located in an academic institution or clinical institution? Hospital

        Does your program offer any graduate degrees or certificates? Yes

          If Yes, please list Graduate degrees or certificates offered: Certificate offered

        Does your program participate in MATCH? Yes

        Estimated number of available positions for current application cycle: 52

        Does your program accept predoctoral students as externs (typically described as 1-2 weeks of voluntary, full-time, primarily observational experiences without formal educational objectives or affiliation)?:  Yes

        If available, please provide the web address for additional information:

      Program Description ↑ 

      The General Practice Residency Program at Montefiore accepts 52 residents each year. Second year positions are also generally available. The experience of being a General Practice Resident at Montefiore is invaluable.  It is, however, very demanding both physically and academically. You will experience total immersion into hospital life.  Because it is a hospital based program, you will have an opportunity to see how your dental care relates to care provided by colleagues in other fields of dentistry, medicine and allied health fields.

      During the course of your residency at Montefiore, you will have an opportunity to gain knowledge, skill and expertise in the full range of dentistry.

      • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
      • Fixed and removable prosthetics
      • Operative dentistry
      • Periodontics
      • Endodontics

      Off service rotations include:

      • an assignment in the Department of Anesthesiology
      • an assignment in the ED (apart from the on-call experience)
      • a rotation in Internal Medicine to gain knowledge in diabetes, HTN and other diseases which affect oral health

      There are several clinical sites for general practice residency education and training.  Our (3) Hospitals (Weiler, Montefiore-Moses and Montefiore-North Division include outpatient and inpatient care with resident on-call assignments as well as availability for patient consults.   The (4) clinical and education training sites of Blondell, Wakefield, Prospect and Broadway locations are similar in patient population and patient care and are all located in the Bronx.Our Schiff clinical site is utilized for a one-month rotation where you will work with the Endodontist and/or Fellow and Oral Surgery and Generl Practice attendings. The Department has clean, modern, state of the art clinics that are new or recently remodeled.  Residents provide care to patients under the supervision of experienced general dentists as well as with board certified specialists in other dental specialties.  By working beside the faculty, while treating your own patients, you will grow in experience and confidence.

      Residents can expect medical rotations in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology as per ADA standard, as well as experiences in the O.R. where mentally and/or physically handicapped and special needs patients are treated. 

      Public Health

      An important part of our mission at the Montefiore Dental Department is to provide superior health care services for underserved populations of the Bronx. Through participation in the community service component of our program you will have an opportunity to see first- hand how good dental care can improve lives and enhance the community. You will gain valuable experience with and exposure to public health dentistry within a community health context.

      Additionally, you will treat the HIV+ population, provide oral cancer screenings and work with medical providers to reduce co-morbidities such as  for adults and children.periodontal disease and smoking.


      You will be responsible for assessing and treating dental emergencies and maxillofacial trauma that presents to the hospital emergency room.  Oral and maxillofacial surgery and pediatric dentistry residents provide back-up, advice and assistance when needed.  Medical and nursing personnel are always available. The resident learns first hand how to assess and treat dental and facial trauma and other emergencies. Comprehensive dental care is not provided at night. The Emergency Room on-call schedule averages twice monthly. Residents are required to stay on site when they are on-call. Overnight accommodations are available.


      Scheduled lecture are presented via ZOOM.  Residents also participate in literature review and case presentations

      Why Choose Montefiore Medical Center for Your General Practice Residency?

      • Diverse patient population
      • Extensive clinical experience
      • Excellent support from medical and dental staff
      • Supervised by experienced hands on faculty
      • Interaction with other dental and medical post-graduate residents

      Optional Second year residency

      Residents who have an interest in continuing in the academic arena may choose from Advanced Prosthetics and Endodontics tracts.

      Salary & Benefits

      The approximate salary for a PGY1 is $74,441 per annum, plus fringe medical/dental benefits and a $500 stipend for educational. A tuition cost of $5,000.00 per year is assessed for every resident. Twenty days of paid vacation time is included. Subsidized housing is available on a limited basis.


      The General Practice Residency program participates in the PASS Program for Resident Application. Applicants should follow the procedures prescribed by the PASS Board. For more information please visit the ADEA website, or contact Ms. Agueda Maldonado at

      The dental program participates in the NATIONAL MATCHING SERVICE. The Program Match Number is 9785 for PGY1  It is the applicant's responsibility to register for the Match.


      Program Requirements Part I ↑ 

        Program Specific Requirements

        ADA ADAT Scores are Required: No

        ADA ADAT Scores are Accepted but Not Required: Yes

        Must upload unofficial undergraduate transcripts to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit Dental School transcripts to the program (in addition to ADEA PASS): No

        Must report GRE scores in the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit original GRE scores to the program: No

        Must upload a CV/Resume to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit a photocopy or a notarized copy of your dental school diploma to the program: Yes

        Must submit Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score: No

        Must submit official NBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit official INBDE results to ADEA PASS: Yes

        Must submit a National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Comprehensive Basic Science Examination (CBSE) score. (OMS only): No

        Must submit a 2" x 2" photo to the program: Yes

        Must contact program for additional requirements: No

        Must visit program website for additional requirements: No

        Additional Information: 

        Your PASS application provides all required information with the exception of a 2 x 2 photo which is required!

        ***You need not duplicate documents already included in the PASS application

        Program Supplemental Requirements

        Must submit supplemental application to the program: No

        Must submit supplemental application processing fee to the program: No

        Domestic Applicants:  $ 0.0

        International Applicants: 0.0

        Other (Please explain)  $ 0.0

        Additional Information:  $


        Additional Information

        Goals of the second year general practice residency:

        The primary educational goals of the second year of the General Practice Residency at Montefiore Medical Center are to prepare the residents to be competent hospital trained general dentists, to be able to practice in an interdisciplinary health care setting and to prepare for a career as practicing general dentists. Depending on the selected educational tract, residents may improve their application to a specialty program with the enhanced learning of a focused second year.


        Obiective 1: To train to proficiency in the treatment planning and restoration of endosteal implants. The resident will be trained to competency in the area of restoring single tooth implant restorations, multiple tooth fixed restorations, and restoration of edentulous arches The implant portion of the resident’s education will include the resident learning how to treatment plan edentulous and partially edentulous patients. The resident will learn how to develop and prepare surgical guides for the above developed treatment plans. The resident will also learn the proper imaging requirements when working up candidates for dental implants to include both pantographic and CT imaging. The resident will learn how to interpret CT data relative to implant treatment plans. The resident will gain exposure to endosteal implants under the direct supervision of the Oral & Maxillofacial service. The secondary objective of the second year of General Practice residency is to provide experience in a leadership role relative to complex restorative dentistry

        Objective2: Second year chief residents have administrative duties which include:

        • guidance and overseeing the treatment of patients by the first year dental residents
        • scheduling lectures and seminars
        • coordination of the on-call schedule

        Objective 3: Fellowship positions exist in the disciplines of Oral Surgery, Endodontics, at the discretion of the program Director of said specialty.  Residents will be encouraged to pursue clinical research commensurate with their interest within the fields of dentistry that are represented within our department 

        Interview schedule for the current application cycle: 

        The interview cycle will begin in September of 2022

      Program Requirements Part II ↑ 

        General Requirements

        Must have passed Part 1, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have passed Part 2, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent: Yes

        Must have completed a one-year residency program: No

        Additional Information: 

        Candidates must earn a 4-year DDS or DMD degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution


        Must be a U.S. Citizen: No

        Can be a permanent resident?: Yes

        Permanent residents must show proof of residency: Yes

        Will accept Canadian citizens: Yes

        Must have a limited permit: Yes

        Must have a U.S. dental license: No

        Must be eligible for state dental license: Yes

        Must have a valid state dental license: No

        Must be a graduate of: 

        Applicants without U.S. Dental Degrees: Will Not be Considered

        Eligible Citizenship Types: 
        US citizen, US permanent resident
        US/ Canadian citizen, US/ Canadian permanent resident

        Additional Information: 

        Additional Requirements for International Applicants

        Will accept foreign citizens (not including Canada): No

        Must be proficient in the English language: Yes

        Must report TOEFL score on ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit original TOEFL score report to program: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts evaluated: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts submitted to the program: Yes

        May be considered if graduated from non-ADA accredited dental school: No

        Additional Information: