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Rutgers School of Dental Medicine / Prosthodontics

RSDM opens new Dental Specialty Center for Postgraduate education. Dedicated surgical suites. All-new personally assigned dental chairs. 

  1. Program Contact Information ↑ 

      Program Contact:

        Program Director  Louis DiPede 

        Department of Restorative Dentistry 

        Rutgers School of Dental Medicine 

        110 Bergen Street 

        Room D880 

        Newark, New Jersey  07103 

        Phone (Work): 973-972-4615 


        State Program located in: New Jersey 


      Program Deadline ↑ 

      ADEA PASS Application and Transcript Deadline for the class applying for 2018 admittance: October 2, 2017

      Program Information ↑ 

        What date will your program start on? 07/01/2018

        Length of Program:  36 months months

        Program Number: PROS438

        Is your program located in an academic institution or clinical institution? Academic

        Does your program offer any graduate degrees or certificates? Yes

          If Yes, please list Graduate degrees or certificates offered: Master of Dental Science and Master of Science in Dentistry

        Does your program participate in MATCH? Yes

        Estimated number of available positions for current application cycle: 5

      Program Description ↑ 

      The Dental Specialty Center is the newest clinic at RSDM and is home to the Postgraduate Prosthodontics program. The center, built with a total cost of $13 million, features leading-edge treatment based on a collaborative design that houses four specialties fostering a team approach to treatment.

      The 24,000-square-foot center includes 80 new dental operatories and seven dedicated surgical suites for teaching advanced surgical implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, prosthodontics and maxillofacial prosthetics.

      Other features at the center include digital radiography, electronic health records system, and cutting-edge classroom technology.

       The 36-month postgraduate program in prosthodontics was begun in 1978 to provide postdoctoral education for dentists wishing to prepare for specialized practice. Clinical expertise is strongly emphasized and the program prepares the student for successful attainment of Board Certification.

       The program offers a Certificate in Prosthodontics and an optional Master of Dental Science degree.

      See website for additional information.

      Program Requirements Part I ↑ 


      Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF):

      The PEF is a traditional letter of evaluation. These evaluations are mandatory for every applicant. An applicant can submit a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 to each program designated.

        Program Specific Requirements

        ADA ADAT Scores are Required: No

        ADA ADAT Scores are Accepted but Not Required: Yes

        Must upload unofficial undergraduate transcripts to the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit Dental School transcripts to the program (in addition to ADEA PASS): Yes

        Must report GRE scores in the ADEA PASS application: No

        Must submit original GRE scores to the program: No

        Must upload a CV/Resume to the ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit a photocopy or a notarized copy of your dental school diploma to the program: Yes

        Must submit Dental Admissions Test (DAT) score: No

        Must submit official NBDE score to the program: Yes

        Must submit a National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Comprehensive Basic Science Examination (CBSE) score. (OMS only): No

        Must submit a 2" x 2" photo to the program: Yes

        Must contact program for additional requirements: Yes

        Must visit program website for additional requirements: Yes

        Additional Information: 


        Program Supplemental Requirements

        Must submit supplemental application to the program: No

        Must submit supplemental application processing fee to the program: Yes

        Domestic Applicants:  $ 50.00

        International Applicants: 50.00

        Other (Please explain)  $ 0.00

        Additional Information:  $

        • In order to be considered, you must hold a DDS/DMD degree (or foreign equivalent) before the start of the program and satisfy all required materials indicated in the PASS application.

          In addition, you must send the following directly to:

          Ms. Brenda Brower Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Office of Admissions 110 Bergen Street, Room B829 Newark, NJ 07103 Telephone # (973) 972-3636, Fax # (973) 972-0309, e-mail:

        • An official transcript from each undergraduate and dental school attended;

        • Foreign trained dental students or dentists are invited to apply. Official translated transcripts course-by-course evaluation by WES or ECE are to be sent directly to the address listed. Any information concerning class rank should be included.

        • Official scores of Part I of the National Board Dental Examination are required. Part II is not required, but will strengthen the application. Contact the Secretary of the National Board of Dental Examiners, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, or e-mail,, to have the scores sent directly to the Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Dental Education.

        • A recommendation letter from the Dean of your dental school

        • Applicants whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applications for the test are available from: Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 6151, Princeton, N.J. 08541-6151. Official test scores must be on file before the application will be reviewed. Test scores must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service, Institution Code: 2584. Copies will not be accepted.

        • All applicants, including those who apply through PASS are required to submit an application fee of $50.00 Directly to Rutgers School of Dental Medicine to the attention of Ms. Brenda Brower. The address is Room B-829, Newark, N.J. 01701-1709. No application will be reviewed until the $50.00 application fee is received. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Do not send cash. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

        Additional Information

      Program Requirements Part II ↑ 

        General Requirements

        Must have passed Part 1, National Dental Board Examination: Yes

        Must have passed Part 2, National Dental Board Examination: No

        Must have earned a D.M.D./D.D.S. degree, or equivalent: Yes

        Must have completed a one-year residency program: No

        Additional Information: 

        NDBE Part II is not required, but will strengthen the application.


        Must be a U.S. Citizen: No

        Can be a permanent resident?: Yes

        Permanent residents must show proof of residency: Yes

        Will accept Canadian citizens: Yes

        Must have a limited permit: No

        Must have a U.S. dental license: No

        Must be eligible for state dental license: No

        Must have a valid state dental license: No

        Must be a graduate of a U.S. or Canadian dental school: No

        Additional Information: 

        Additional Requirements for International Applicants

        Will accept foreign citizens (not including Canada): Yes

        Must be proficient in the English language: Yes

        Must report TOEFL score on ADEA PASS application: Yes

        Must submit original TOEFL score report to program: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts evaluated: Yes

        Must have foreign transcripts submitted to the program: Yes

        May be considered if graduated from non-ADA accredited dental school: Yes

        Additional Information: